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Resources for Personal Practice


If you're looking to calm your mind and make changes on your own, here are some resources that might help you.  


Good luck! 


Insight Timer

This is a great app offering guided meditations, timers, and other features to help you relax.  It seems to be one of the most popular apps among people who meditate or like to relax.  I use this app myself for meditation and Reiki techniques.

International House of Reiki Website

IHOR is the organization behind the training and techniques I offer at The Sacred Ways. In addition to classes, the site offers blogs, meditation products and other resources to assist you.  They are a wonderful organization.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to create change is to journal.  Journaling is easy...just start talking to the page. There is nothing you must say or achieve other than getting your thoughts out of your mind to clear your head.  Over time, journalling can be a great "therapist" that allows you to be heard and release what doesn't need to stay.  I've journaled for much of my life. Here's an article on the benefits of journaling.

Vision Boards

As you might be aware, the mind reacts quickly to images.  Images are powerful. An image board allows you to "see" the new you through a collection of pictures or statements you choose.  As you look at it over time, it has the potential to change you. Just as athletes use visualization to experience future success, you can use this technique for change.  I often do an image board at the start of each season. Any image(s) will do and there is no correct way to create a board.  However, here is an article to consider:

Connecting with the "Other Side"

Is part of your stress coming from the divisive nature of politics, possibly as it impacts friends, family or co-workers?  It's easy to feel angry, afraid or overwhelmed. One solution is to learn more skills to understand others.  Research shows that talking to the "other side" may not change your views about on an issue, but it will change your views about the people holding other opinions.  And this can make you feel more hopeful and less stressed.  Here's a book I recently read with great ideas:


"Outcome-Free" Activities (a.k.a. Play)

One reason we're anxious is because we're always doing tasks with fixed outcomes. This creates pressure to do things right, according to plan, on time, etc., which creates stress.  When children play, there is really no outcome...they play to express and have fun.  While our lives cannot be all play, our minds need down-time.  Like a rest-day from the gym, our minds are re-nourished during rest.  Try to engage in more "outcome-free" activities such as:

  • Arts or Crafts

  • Cooking

  • Exercise

  • Gardening

  • Listening To/Playing Music

  • Meditation/Prayer

  • Photography

  • Reading, Poetry

  • Slow Walking

  • Time w/Friends, Family

  • Volunteering

  • Yoga

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