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Health begins in the Mind.   

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Sacred ways of healing help us stay naturally healthy.

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"May you live all the days of your life." 

Thank you...Dave Rasmussen

The Sacred Ways Studio, Chicago

The Sacred Ways Studio, Chicago

What Clients Say about Reiki

(From follow-up emails sent 2 days after session.)

"I feel like I am closer to myself than I have been in years."

"Hi Dave.  I am doing really good.  I am more focused, negative thoughts that usually are popping one after the other in my brain disappeared...more calm.  Also, I am

in much less pain."

September 2019

" I feel great working on others - it is crazy how grounded I feel after working with others on their relaxation through Reiki!


 I am always excited to work on my friends and want to do it more. "

     August 2019 (Class)

"Better sleep.  Thank you!!!"    

August 2019 

"My session was insightful

and healing.”    

July 2019 

“This past session was  pretty powerful  and am still reflecting on it.”    

July 2019

“Hi Dave.  Yes, the peaceful feeling really has been staying with me.  The best way I can explain it is that it's subtle but certainly noticeable.  It's like each day since the session another little layer fell away. 


It's hard to describe but I've been feeling lighter emotionally, mentally, and I can also feel   it physically. 


A friend who didn't even know about me doing a session and doesn't know anything about Reiki had randomly said to me, "You have a lot of positive vibes coming off of you!  You seem really happy! This is a friend that normally doesn't pick up on those sorts of energies either!


I also feel a craving to be out in nature more, not sure if that's related or not.  I definitely feel more free, like I released some weight I've been carrying around. 


In the past few years I feel like I kind of have lost myself and I feel like I am closer to myself than I have been in years and I think this Reiki session may have brought me a little closer to God.

Thank you again, it was a great session and I will definitely be reaching out to you in the future for another session!


Enjoy the holiday and take care! “  

July 2019

“Hi Dave, first, thanks so much for that wonderful experience and session. I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for checking in. I’m continuing to feel connected and aware. There is a lot going on with my work and the Reiki session has been so timely in allowing me to stay with what’s happening in my life instead of turning away. I’ll definitely be coming back to you.”      

 July 2019

“Dave: I felt calmer after our session. I went bike riding for the first time this season on Sunday. Felt great! Also, planted new veggies in the garden. Tried to spend as much time outside as possible.”  

June 2019

“Hi Dave. I think the yin and yang feelings really helped me sort somethings out! Even still recognizing the impacts.” 

June 2019

“Thank you for introducing me to this healing dance, for engaging in the dance with me, and for guiding me to dance with others!”  

May 2019

“Hi Dave, I liked your class a lot. I have been doing what I learned, but not everyday as sometimes I have busy days more than usual so i skip those 😂.


It is really calming and soothing when I get the time for it honestly.


Also, been incorporating hands on with some of my regular clients and they liked it. I’m happy that I enrolled in that class last minute :)”              

May 2019


“Hi Dave, all has been well. Yes, my mood has transitioned into a very calm energetic state. So I am feeling good thanks.” 

May 2019


“Dave, it was awesome. I am still processing the experience, but shortly after I got home I had an unexpected rush of clarity about my former partner.” 

April 2019


“Thank you so much for all of your help. I am going to try and be more aware of these things going forward.”  

April 2019 



“Hi Dave,  Thanks for checking in! Since the 1st session I am doing better.  I am still tired and not quite capable, but no longer "completely-tired-sunk-into-couch-with-kitties-cannot-do-anything".  I seems to be handling stressful situation better, too (work and other things).”

April 2019  

Hi Dave, It was nice meeting you!  Tuesday after my very first Reiki session, I think something like detoxification was going on.  On my way back I kept thinking "my heart is lighter, my body is heavier!", becoming more and more sleepy, by the time when I arrive home I almost wanted to crush in bed.  That night, and last night, I saw a lot of vivid dreams, although that is my life-long thing (always see lots and lots of strange dreams).”

March 2019 


“Dear Dave, Good to meet you too.I’m doing well, thank you.  Several things I’ve observed in myself: more robust bowel movements; sleep is still disturbed, but nighttime wake times vary; and overall, a calmer disposition.  Although the concept isn’t foreign, I think finding balance in all of my life is beginning to dawn on me."

March 2019


“Hi Dave. Thank you for reaching out to me with your e-mail. I have carved out 2 yoga workouts at home since we met...not a lot but a start!  And I do feel that there was a stress reduction after our session.”    

March 2019


“Hi Dave, Thanks. My back is improving!  I was able to walk 1/2 mile yesterday with no pain. A huge milestone. Haven’t been able to do that in ten months. 

January 2019


“Hi Dave, Yes, I felt calm and relaxed. Thank you for your insight after the session as well.”

January 2019


“Hi Dave, Thanks for checking in.  I enjoyed our session.  For whatever reason it wasn’t a “deep” as the last session but as we discussed the session end up being what they need to be.  I am feeling good this week and I am starting to make some nice progress in healing my frozen shoulder.”

January 2019


“Hi Dave, thanks for checking in. I have been feeling more focused and not so overwhelmed. Thanks again for everything.“

January 2019

Kyoto, Japan - Origin of Reiki Practice



Sessions Available at The Sacred Ways

Stimulate Your Self-Healing


Developed 100 years ago in Kyoto, Japan, Reiki treatments replenish,    re-awaken and balance the natural healing energy of the body. Reiki sessions nourish Body, Mind and Soul, which may be weakened based on stress, poor eating, emotional attachments and other issues.  


Each 60-minute Reiki session helps support and build your energy and can help address a variety of concerns or issues.

Connect with Nature's Healing


Plants and trees were the original medicines.  The healing essence of a plant is found predominantly in its oil. We can connect directly for healing purposes with essential oils. In a therapy, essential oils are selected that offer the healing properties that align with your needs.


Applied  topically, they enter the bloodstream in 5-15 minutes. Therapies can address physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

Build a More Sacred Life


What practices do you use to stay find meaning in life?  Happiness may be a choice, but requires nourishment and attention to make it a priority. Sacred Path Development helps you build daily practices to tap  your inner happiness and direction.  

The goal of these practices is not to "find" something, but instead let go of what blocks your natural happiness from reaching you.




Developed 100 years ago, the simple system of Reiki supports natural healing.

It is available regardless of issue, spiritual practice or background.  

Reiki is a complementary therapy and should never replace existing medical care.


REIKI ("ray-kee")

Life Force Energy

"Reiki" is a Japanese term for the sacred, vital force that supports our bodies and our universe.


This force, more subtle than measured in science, has been intuitively felt and understood by cultures throughout time.  It is called "Qi", "Mana", "Prana", "Reiki" and other names, and is at the heart of Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Yoga, Pranayama, Native American Healing, Chakra Balancing and other modalities.


Creator of the Reiki System

In 1920,  a Buddhist practitioner in Japan named Mikao Usui created a system of healing we now refer to as "Reiki"  healing.  This approach did not discover healing energy, as this force is always around us.


Instead, Mikao Usui focused on meditative techniques to allow practitioners to feel and share energy to stimulate natural   healing. This included energy-building techniques, energy meditations, hand positions, and other practices to help create a "system" for practitioners.


An Ancient Practice

The System of Reiki guides practitioners to meditatively connect to life force energy, and then intuitively share it using the hands as a primary channel. The "laying on" of hands has a been a healing technique throughout history.  


Biofield research is slowing allowing us to scientifically understand what cultures have naturally understood about our innate healing abilities, and the opportunity to share and extend healing amongst ourselves.



A Reiki treatment is based on the principle of free, uninterrupted energy flow.

It helps activate natural healing and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Sessions are easy to enjoy. Unlike massage, Reiki is gentle-touch and involves no disrobing or oils. Reiki can be performed on almost anyone.  Many clients fall asleep during sessions.

How A Session Works



During a treatment, a practitioner places hands on, or slightly above, the body to help connect and balance energy. This is done across approx. 20 areas of the body, lasting about 1 hour.  The session is done in a room that is dark, quiet, and filled with soothing music to help you relax.  


Reiki is gentle-touch with no disrobing or oils. There's nothing you need to do except relax and allow the energy in.

What You'll Feel



Although the Reiki practitioner acts as a connection point to the energy, you (and your body) are actually the healers.  Many clients simply feel relaxed while other feel like they "float" or enter dream-like states.  Some have very emotional or spiritual experiences.  


There is no "correct" experience. What you feel will be very personal to you. The way you feel is simply the result of your needs during a given session.




After a session, your experience is discussed and any feedback given.

This is an important part of the session. Reiki treatments are therapeutic and you may have things to share or talk about.


Healing takes time, and while a single session is helpful, many clients come back to continue their process and their progress.  For this reason, you will find special offers for multiple sessions.



Reiki treatments help balance body, mind and soul.

Issues we have are often linked across all aspects of our lives.

A balanced system is best able to address specific issues like those below.

Nurturing The Body's Efforts

Physical Issues

By assisting your body's own healing, Reiki sessions may help many physical issues including:

  • Healing of Injuries

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Low Energy Levels

  • General Aches and Pains

  • Muscle Soreness

  • Pain Management

Releasing Attachments

Emotional Issues

Treatments help clear emotional attachments that are often the root cause of other issues, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family Issues

  • Letting Go of Loss

  • Memory Issues

  • Stress

Connecting to Purpose

Broader Issues

Most people do not feel connected to a purpose in life.  Sessions can help "open you up" and assist with:

  • Adding Focus

  • Connecting to Nature

  • Meditation Practices

  • Opening Your Intuition

  • Personal Journeywork

  • Sacred Living




The impact of Reiki treatments continues to be studied, but high-quality research is limited.

Research is challenged by limited funding and the subtle nature of the energy 

which does not conform to traditional research designs.  


However, substantial anecdotal evidence continues to support Reiki in personal sessions, therapy sessions and in hospitals.  Reiki treatments bring clients to a meditative state, and research continues to demonstrate the many benefits that meditation offers. 

The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) lists the following studies:


  • Cancer-Related Fatigue

  • Cancer-Related Pain

  • Colonoscopy Pain

  • Coronary Syndrome

  • Heart Rate Homeostasis

  • Nervous System Function

  • HIV/AIDS Pain/Anxiety

  • Hysterectomy Pain

  • Microvascular Damage

  • Pain Management (General)


  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Dementia (Pain Management)

  • Depression

  • Memory and Behavior (Alzh.)

  • Older Adults: Multiple Issues

  • Pattern Manifestations

  • Psychological Depression/Stress

  • Psychotherapy

  • Seizures

  • Work-Related Stress


  • Reiki:  As Complement. Therapy

  • Reiki:  As Integrative Medicine

  • Reiki:  In Clinical Practice

  • Reiki:  Integrative Review

  • Reiki:  Therapeutic Effects

  • Nurses:  As Supportive Therapy

  • Nurses:  As Self-Care

  • Nurses:  Benefits (Overall)

  • Nurses:  Palliative Care

  • Nurses:  Surgical Patients



For full reviews, and other reviews, please see YELP or GOOGLE

"My first visit with Dave was extremely powerful.  I greatly appreciated how reassuring and professional Dave was. He has a very nurturing presence and is extremely talented. After my first session I have felt more calm, clear headed, and less worried. He has given me great feedback and advice as well."

"Dave is very caring and compassionate, he made me understand what has been holding me back and stopping me from realizing my true potential and opening myself up to the universe to allow great things in my life."

“You will walk a better person because of Dave, both physically and mentally.  His experiences and knowledge have taught me so much.  I can't say enough great things about my sessions. I have had several people go to Dave and they've all had great experiences as well. 

Jeanette D., Chicago

Lisa K., Shaumburg. IL.

Chris W., Winnetka, IL




5221 N. WINTHROP AVE. #5

CHICAGO, IL. 60640

(near Foster and Broadway)




Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher

My Background


My interest in health and healing has been longstanding.This includes healthy eating, meditation, yoga, running, and sacred travel to destinations such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Peru, Spain and Turkey.  


As part of my sacred journey, I've completed A Course in Miracles, the Camino de Santiago, Shamanic retreats in Peru and the U.S, and am a current student of Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings, which includes attending the Chicago Meditation Center of Self-Realization Fellowship.

My Reiki Training


I began working with clients in 2009 after completing Reiki levels I and II in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Tradition, and became a Master/Teacher in 2011. I studied with Deanne Lozano whose lineage links to founder Mikao Usui. I re-sat the full 3 levels of Reiki training with Int. House of Reiki in 2018 and traveled to Kyoto, Japan (origin of the practice) in late 2018.  


I am a member of IHR Shibumi Reiki Association and have been a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals since 2010.

My Healing Studio


The Sacred Ways is the name of the 5-room studio I opened in my home for healing and other practices.  The space offers a peaceful and welcoming environment and includes a discussion area, separate treatment room, washroom and other areas to connect and relax.  


In the end, all sacred healing is about helping others to "remember who they are."  Through this space and other efforts, I hope to encourage others to return to the sacred truth and happiness that lies within.


The training for all healing modalities begins with yourself, and the impact on my life has been profound.  The intention of each treatment is to serve the highest good.  I feel honored to carry forward healing modalities in whatever service I'm able to offer others.


Sacred treatments can be wonderful experiences.  If they sound at all appealing, I encourage you to give them a try.  Don't be afraid.  If nothing else, they help expand your understanding and openness to natural ways we are meant to care for ourselves.

"May you live all the days of your life."    

Gassho and Namaste!  

Dave Rasmussen



Monday-Saturday: 12 pm - 2 pm - 4 pm - 6:30 pm

Most sessions last approx. 90 minutes in total

(including 60 min. treatment).

Reiki Session

New Client:           $69/Session

Single Session:     $80/Session

3-Pack Plan:         $240 w/ Free Tools

Essent. Oils or Sacred Path

New Client:           $69/Session

Single Session:     $80/Session

3-Pack Plan:         $240 w/ Free Tools

Reiki Classes

L1   Sat/Sun    9/28-29      $250

L1   Sat/Sun    10/12-13    $250 

L1   Sat/Sun    11//9-10     $250


L2   Sat            9/14        $200

L2   Sat            10/19       $200

L2   Sat            11/23       $200

L1 INDIVIDUAL              $300





Schedule Session

or Request Consultation Discussion

The Sacred Ways  

5221 N. Winthrop Av. #5  

Chicago, IL 60640.  

Located near the corner of Foster and Broadway in Andersonville.  

One block east of the Berwyn L-stop.

Street parking available on Winthrop or Broadway.

dave5221@flash.net   312-835-0276