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Dave Rasmussen - Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher

Kyoto, Japan, 2018


"I feel like I am closer to myself than I have been in years."


Tropical Leaves 2
Tropical Leaves 2

"I am more focused, negative my brain disappeared...more calm.  Also, I am

in much less pain."

"I feel great working on others." (class)


"Better sleep.  Thank you!!!"    

"My session was insightful

and healing.”    

“This past session was  pretty powerful  and am still reflecting on it.”    

“..the peaceful feeling really has been staying with me.  ...I've been feeling lighter emotionally, mentally, and I can also feel it physically. 

A friend...said to me, "You have a lot of positive vibes coming off of you!  You seem really happy!" 

"I definitely feel more free. " 

In the past few years..I have lost myself and I feel like I am closer to myself than I have been in years.

“...I’m continuing to feel connected and aware. ...allowing me to stay with what’s happening in my life instead of turning away. ”      

“I felt calmer after our session. I went bike riding for the first time this season on Sunday. Felt great! ”  

“...really helped me sort somethings out! Even still recognizing the impacts.” 

“Thank you for introducing me to this healing dance..”  

“ I liked your class a lot. ...It is really calming and soothing when I get the time for it honestly.  I’m happy that I enrolled in that class last minute :)”  


“... my mood has transitioned into a very calm energetic state. ” 

“... it was awesome. ...after I got home I had an unexpected rush of clarity about my former partner.” 

“... I am going to try and be more aware of these things going forward.”  


Since the 1st session I am doing better...I seem to be handling stressful situation better, too (work and other things).”

“...I think something like detoxification was going on.  ...I kept thinking "my heart is lighter, my body is heavier!”

“...Several things I’ve observed in myself: more robust bowel movements; ...a calmer disposition."

“ I have carved out 2 yoga workouts at home since we met...not a lot but a start!  ...there was a stress reduction after our session.”    

“My back is improving!  I was able to walk 1/2 mile yesterday with no pain. A huge milestone. Haven’t been able to do that in ten months. 

“... I felt calm and relaxed.”

“ I am feeling good this week and I am starting to make some nice progress in healing my frozen shoulder.”

“... more focused and not so overwhelmed.“


Tropical Leaves 2
Tropical Leaves 2

Looking for immediate relaxation?


A Reiki session can be a wonderful aid for stress relief. Developed 100 years ago in Japan, Reiki treatments help balance your natural energy and healing qualities, sometimes called your "Rei-ki". You become "out of balance" due to stress, poor eating, emotional attachments and other behaviors or conditions.

A goal of your Reiki session is to help you deeply rest and calm your mind. When this occurs, good things can happen: your body repairs itself, you let go of held emotions, you become more peaceful and inspired, or experience other changes. What happens in a session is unique to you. 

Learn more about Reiki in the FAQs section below. 

Single Reiki Session: $75

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Looking to make changes in your life?

3-SESSION PLAN: Self-Improve

Reiki sessions can help you change yourself.  However, change takes time and requires focus and commitment.


Therefore, Reiki sessions are done as part of a "focus plan" that provides 3 Reiki sessions scheduled over a 30-day period to help stimulate change. You'll also create a daily morning ritual to do between sessions.

You may schedule sessions any time over the month. They may be done in person, via Zoom or a combo.  If you like, add more sessions. The focus plan makes it easy to begin using Reiki sessions for change.

3-sessions (scheduled over 4 wks): $225

(Sessions good for 6 months from purchase.)


Additional sessions: $75




Looking for a daily wellness practice?

REIKI CLASSES: Daily Practice

Reiki originated as a personal healing practice.  While sessions with a practitioner may help you go even deeper, Reiki is a wonderful practice to learn on your own. Many people learn Reiki and continue to come for sessions as well.

Learning Reiki can be done in a 2-day class that requires no experience.  If you enjoy it, there are additional levels of Reiki training available.


During COVID, classes are held in-person, or via Zoom w/personal follow-up session. 

Level 1 Reiki Class (2-days): $300



***Please Pay With Your Credit Care When You Book Your Session.***

(if you do not have a Credit Card, please contact Dave at

Stress Relief
Single Reiki Session


Reg. $75

Appointments: Tues/Wed/Fri

-9:00 am

-11:00 am 

- 1:30 pm

- 3:30 pm

- 6:00 pm

Self Improvement
Three (3), 1 hr. Sessions


Reg. $225

Appointments: Tues/Wed/Fri

-9:00 am

-11:00 am 

- 1:30 pm

- 3:30 pm

- 6:00 pm

Reiki Class
2-Day:  In-Person


Weekend Dates  

  • Sept. 18/19 Sat/Sun (In-Person)

NOTE: You must be vaccinated to attend group classes.

Sessions may be redeemed up to
6 months after purchase


When you book a class, select the morning time slot on the Saturday of your class..

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about REIKI


Learn More



What is Reiki? ("ray-kee")

"Reiki" is a Japanese term for the sacred, vital force that supports our bodies and our universe.


This force, more subtle than measured in science, has been intuitively felt and understood by cultures throughout time.


It is called "Qi", "Mana", "Prana", "Reiki" and other names, and is at the heart of Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Yoga, Pranayama, Native American Healing, Chakra Balancing and other modalities.

While Reiki is of Buddhist and Shinto origin, it's available regardless of spiritual practice or background.


Who Created This?

In 1920, a Buddhist practitioner in Japan named Mikao Usui created a system of healing we now refer to as "Reiki"  healing. This approach did not discover healing energy, as this force is always around us.


Instead, Mikao Usui focused on meditative techniques to allow practitioners to feel and share energy to stimulate natural healing. This included energy-building techniques, energy meditations, hand positions, and other practices to help create a "system" for practitioners.

Oriental Fish

Is it Unique?

The System of Reiki guides practitioners to meditatively connect to life force energy, and then intuitively share it using the hands as a primary channel. The "laying on" of hands has a been a healing technique throughout history.  


Biofield research is slowing allowing us to scientifically understand what cultures have naturally understood about our innate healing abilities, and the opportunity to share and extend healing amongst ourselves.

Reiki is a complementary practice and should never replace existing medical care.



Tropical Leaves 2
Tropical Leaves 2

What Happens in a Session?


During a session, a practitioner places hands on, or slightly above, the body to help connect and balance energy. This is done across approx. 20 areas of the body, lasting about 1 hour.  The session is done in a room that is dark, quiet, and filled with soothing music to help you relax.  


Unlike massage, Reiki is gentle-touch with no disrobing or oils. There's nothing you need to do except relax and allow the energy in. Many clients fall asleep during sessions.


What Will it Feel Like?


Although the Reiki practitioner acts as a connection point to the energy, you (body, mind and soul) are actually doing the healing.  The practitioner is helping to facilitate your natural, sacred healing. 


Many clients simply feel relaxed while others feel like they "float" or enter dream-like states.  Some have very emotional or spiritual experiences.  


There is no correct experience. What you feel will be very personal to you. The way you feel is simply the result of your needs during a given session.


How Often Should I Go?


Healing takes time, and while a single session is helpful, you will generally do better with the reinforcement of multiple sessions.


For this reason, sessions are done in plans that include multiple sessions to get you started.  You are always free to add more sessions to help support you.

Much like the gym, commitment and frequency of your actions tends to grow the best results. 



Will it Help My Body?


By assisting your body's own healing, Reiki sessions may help many physical issues including:

  • Healing of Injuries

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Low Energy Levels

  • General Aches and Pains

  • Muscle Soreness

  • Pain Management


Will It Calm Me?


Sessions help clear emotional attachments that are often the root cause of other issues, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family Issues

  • Letting Go of Loss

  • Memory Issues

  • Stress


Is it "Spiritual"?


Reiki does not require, or promote, a spiritual path.  However, sessions can help "open you" and assist with:

  • Adding Focus

  • Connecting to Nature

  • Meditation Practices

  • Improving Intuition

  • Personal Journeywork

  • Sacred Living

Tropical Leaves 2

NOTE: While Reiki sessions may stimulate healthy changes within you, a Reiki practitioner is not a licensed physician or therapist.  

Sessions should complement, but never replace, the care of medical professionals.


The impact of Reiki sessions continue to be studied, but high-quality research is limited. Research is challenged by limited funding and the subtle nature of the energy which does not conform to traditional research designs.  However, substantial anecdotal evidence continues to support Reiki in personal sessions, therapy sessions and in hospitals.  Reiki sesions bring clients to a meditative state, and research continues to demonstrate the many benefits that meditation offers.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) lists the following studies:


What Research Exists on Reiki's Effectiveness?

Physical Issues

  • Cancer-Related Fatigue

  • Cancer-Related Pain

  • Colonoscopy Pain

  • Coronary Syndrome

  • Heart Rate Homeostasis

  • Nervous System Function

  • HIV/AIDS Pain/Anxiety

  • Hysterectomy Pain

  • Microvascular Damage

  • Pain Management (General)

Mental Issues

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Dementia (Pain Management)

  • Depression

  • Memory and Behavior (Alzh.)

  • Older Adults: Multiple Issues

  • Pattern Manifestations

  • Psychological Depression/Stress

  • Psychotherapy

  • Seizures

  • Work-Related Stress


  • Reiki:  As Complement. Therapy

  • Reiki:  As Integrative Medicine

  • Reiki:  In Clinical Practice

  • Reiki:  Integrative Review

  • Reiki:  Therapeutic Effects

  • Nurses:  As Supportive Therapy

  • Nurses:  As Self-Care

  • Nurses:  Benefits (Overall)

  • Nurses:  Palliative Care

  • Nurses:  Surgical Patients


5115 N. Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, 60640

(Look for "Dragon's Life Systems" on Building - See Map Below)




My Background


My formal education included a Master's Degree from the University of Illinois, and 30+ year career in marketing and communication.

My interest in health and healing has been longstanding, including yoga, natural eating, meditation, running, study, and sacred travel to Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Peru, Spain and Turkey.  


I've completed A Course in Miracles, the Camino de Santiago, Shamanic retreats in Peru and U.S, am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda's Yogic teachings, and currently study both communications and spirituality at Loyola University in Chicago.


My Reiki Training


I began working with clients in 2009 after completing Reiki levels I and II in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Tradition, and became a Master/Teacher in 2011. I studied with Deanne Lozano whose lineage links to founder Mikao Usui. I re-sat the full 3 levels of Reiki training with International House of Reiki in 2018 and traveled to Kyoto, Japan (origin of the Reiki practice) in late 2018.  


I am a member of IHR Shibumi Reiki Association and have been a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals since 2010.


Location: 5115 Ravenswood


The Sacred Ways is located at 5115 N. Ravenswood.  Anchored by Dragon's Life Acupuncture, the center includes a range of practitioners including massage therapists and behavioral therapists. 

In the end, all sacred healing is about helping others to "remember who they are". I hope you find this space, and overall experience of your Reiki session, to be one that supports your own remembrance.

Peace and blessings to you.

-Dave Rasmussen

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The Sacred Ways  

5115 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, 60640  

Located 1 block south of the corner of Foster and Ravenswood.  

Near Foster and Ashland.

Look for "DRAGON'S LIFE SYSTEMS" signage on building.

Street parking available in front of building or side streets.

Reiki_s.png   312-835-0276