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Who is Deuter? Healing Music

What kind of music can you use for healing and relaxation?

There are obviously lot of choices, but a favorite artist among Reiki practitioners is Deuter, a German new-age composer who blends the music of East and West, and has recorded over 40 albums of music for meditation and relaxing.

I have found that "Koyasan" (i.e. Mt. Koya in Japan) is one of the most popular choices among practitioners and a good CD to check out if you're interested. It's often use in Reiki classes as well.

During sessions I also use music by Lifescapes, a company that originally distributed many of its CDs at Target, but no longer does this. You can still find this music online.

I use "Yoga Relaxation" by Reyem Kir most often, pictured here. One of the nice features about using music you already know about, is that you can keep track of time by the number of songs being played. The Lifescapes music, for example, is generally about 50 minutes which is perfect for a session. Or you can decide to play a few songs and know ahead of time that you will be relaxing for 5, 10, 20 minutes or whatever. It avoids having to looks at the clock. Just listen to the songs until they are done!

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